Snakes and Ladders

This is Saga Eserstam first single in her own name a singel namned "Snakes and Ladders".
This is also a song that is kind of collaboration between the songwriter David Shutrick and Saga. She is best known for her participation in the Skellefteå band darcy. Who in the early 2000s served one radio hit after another. Most recently she is one part of the new constellation skelleftePop, where she collaborate with e.g. Lars Hall, known from Hardy Nilsson and Tommy 16. The other half of this new project is as mentioned David Shutrick, who for all pop-conscious hardly needs any further presentation. With songs such as "Container", "Finland", "Sambos på Försök", "Vi Kommer Aldrig att Dö" etc. he has written himself into Swedish pop history. His discography stretches from -91 until today. As recently as last year, he released "An Aging Population" together with Peter Morén, a record that received good reviews.