Björn Norestig

Björn Norestig Biography:

Born and raised in Köping, Sweden, Björn Norestig quickly picked up music

to cope with everyday small-town boredom. As a founding member of several

bands and constellations, he toured the world in his dreams, never letting his

thoughts wandering far from the music bubble he had created.

Björn was clearly inspired by the british indie-era of the mid 90’s, still he let

lots of different inspirations take place in his music. Later on Björn got struck

by the country of Neil Young, the jazz of Nina Simone, the blues of Albert

King and a bunch of other artists.

In 2005, Björn released his first record at A West Side Fabrication, called

“Come Take A Shine” – and in 2006 he released a full-length album, “Hello

Inside”, leading to air-time on the radio, gigs in Sweden and a great tour in Spain.

Both of Björns records are reflecting and pondering about the world. The art of

being human is a recurring theme in Björns music, accompanied by jazz, rock,

country, blues, folk songs and pop music in general.

Today, Björn mostly play alone on stage, letting only the strumming of chords

on his acoustic guitar give backing to his vocals. Back to the roots of songwriting.

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