Rusty Flores

The label Ramblin, records contacted Rusty Flores(then named BEN) fromHelsingborg, Sweden in the late 90s and gave them the chance to release their debut “Like a wheel touching ground”. Good reviews, ok sales and a take-off for alt country music in Sweden gave them 3 good years. “Good” meaning loads of gigs all over sweden, a gig/trip to Austin, Texas for the SXSW festival as well as some good new friends and bands. In early 2000 they made their second record “ill-fated & magical”. Even though this record got better reviews than the first one they noticed a declining interest in the band. Harder to find gigs and promotion opportunities. And worse record sales. Also, Ramblin‚ records were getting ready to close down by that time. This meant less promotion. Around the same time Loosegoats´ front man Christian Kjellvander asked Daniel Frank and Andreas Ejnarsson if they wanted to play on his solo-project “songs from a two-room chapel”. Easy choice. The record was followed by a long, long tour and Christians band(Lazy grace frontier) included Daniel on guitar/vocals. New impressions and influences from the tour, and the wonderful people on it, resulted in a kind of new direction in the songwriting for Daniel. The long absence from BEN resulted in 12 new songs, a bit different from the old material. And when it was time to rehearse with the band there were no drummer and no keyboard player. Dan Englund (Lazy grace frontier, songs of soil, Fine arts showcase) and Peter Wildoer (Darkane) was brought in. Due to new members and a bit different sound they renamed the band. The votes went to Rusty Flores (a nice European touch to it) and the idea of rust and flowers seemed appropriate when you thought of this band.! Rusty Flores are: Jonas Andersson ˆ Guitars/mandolins Andreas Ejnarsson ˆ Bass/vocals Dan Englund ˆ Keyboard/guitar/mandolin Daniel Frank ˆ Guitars/Vocals Peter Wildoer ˆ Drums/percussionRusty F

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