KFM stands for Karl Fredrik Mattsson – one of Sweden’s most mythical artists. Besides making fake coins that fool media and claims that the Swedish King is a ”Whoremaster King”, KFM also creates great pop music!

This year’s single is called Mardrömmar (Nightmares) and is about the uneasy feeling of not understanding one self, not being able to explain ones emotions or behaviour.

Mardrömmar is produced by KFM’s older brother Andreas Mattsson and is the seventh single in the KFM musical project that will run for 10 years. After 10 years/10 songs all the singles will end up on an album.

So turn up the volume and enjoy the ride!


Karl Fredrik Mattsson: vocals, acoustic guitar

Daniel Bengtson: bass guitar

Niklas Korssell: drums, percussion

Leo Holmberg: solo guitars

Andreas Mattsson: electric guitars, piano Frida Winlöf: trumpet


Andreas Mattsson

Cocer design:

Petter Ödeen

Link to the video for “Mardrömmar”:

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