Morning Peasant

People who form a band in their early teens often end up realising how naive and stupid they are, laughing at their own foolishness and quit. Then there are people who like to torture themselves, Stolen Deer are one of those kinds.


Stolen Deer’s debut album is a result of half a decade of pain. Not the stinging type of pain like from putting your hand on a hot plate,

but the coming and going type of pain that eats your brain from the inside. This is what makes Morning Peasant timeless. It’s not

associated with the best-looking rucksacks or coats from the past or present. By avoiding this, Stolen Deer have found a way to save

themselves from their own creative anxiety.


Together with Henrik Wiklund, Magnus Lindberg (Deportees, Cult of Luna etc etc) and with some help of friends and enemies, Stolen Deer have recorded a harmonious well-planned handicraft. Rhythm, piano and persistent discussing of guitars permeates an album led by Anton Fahlgren’s voice. On top of that there are uplifting trumpets and grieving trombones making the songs something you never can reach and get a hold of with your bare hands.


Stolen Deer are still lost. Everyone knows that’s the most thrilling and scary feeling in the world. So, wherever you go, let them follow.

They’ll come with you on that train along the Swedish coastline. Look outside, because Morning Peasant is like the snowshine in your eyes. It’s an engaged and eager struggle to get to the top of all the mountains you’ve ever come across.

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