Som Vindarna

Now we release Rickard and the Juvelernas new song, their first of the year 2022. Rickard and the Juvelerna is a seven-member strong band from the Swedish west coast.

This is what they themselves have to say about their new great song:

“Som Vindarna (Like the Winds)”, a blooming spring serenade with the scent of a coming summer. Melodies that shake hibernation out of the body and sparkle like the sun. Melodies that get stuck in bubbling spring blood.
“Som Vindarna” is that song that promises that life will never be more than you make it out to be. Dreams can exist, but they are fulfilled right where you stand and right where you are. Even if everything did not turn out exactly as you want it to, it is as it should be. To rest in the knowledge that you can be proud of who you are, the choices you have made – that is to live. Sometimes you blow away a little grand, just like waves in a stormy sea, but afterwards there is always a dawn and the explosion of the sun. We are extremely happy and proud of this song. Hope you all like it!