The Long Wait Champion

Recorded at The Margarets studio Ocean Sound Recordings, Giske, Norway and mixed by the Norwegian pop cult hero Rune Berg at Front Row Studio in Oslo, Norway, you might guess this is a Norwegian artist, but no not at all. Hidden behind the name Bedroom Eyes you will find a smart and soulful Swede listening to the name Jonas Jonsson. And let me put it straight, it is his great love of and for pop-music that is visible through this superb pop-album “The Long Wait Champion”. Everything breath pop-music, the harmonies, the lyrics, the outfit, the good style, just everything. Or as he self describe his hit single “Hand-In-Hand Greande”;

“My aim has always been to make pop music that is so beautiful that it makes people want to go out and do something pretty. The sole heart of Bedroom Eyes is to be a haven for those who neither want nor can relate to such an outdated and askew stance as sex, drugs & rock’n’roll. ‘Hand-In-Hand Grenade’ is an unwavering vindication for the modest hearts. A fleet, vivid and anthemic plea to be taken earnestly when you’re standing in front of the only person you want to listen, in your best set of clothes with your pounding heart on the sleeve. This is pop music from the heart – to the feet.”

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