Alexander Engström

Alexander Engström is something as unusual as a guy that gets the media to call him instead of vice versa.
After various winding roads came a call to Janne Wännström, at Voicemedia in Skellefteå, asking if he could imagine record a song with a young, almost blind (3% vision), guy. Said and done, Janne volunteered, and Alexander was driven to the studio a chilly autumn day in 2016. Once there, he got to play a song, “The Lake”, which is one of the reasons why you are reading these lines.
With the recording of the song, and a simple video to, this has gone more than well. With over 50k views on Youtube, been on The Breaking News (Filip and Fredrik), SVT Västerbotten/Around the country, and now, this week, on Malou von Sivers at TV4, there is every reason to take this artist and composer in sincere, although he is only 15 years old and in the eighth grade.

To the story we should also mention that Alexander has been playing and singing since he was a very small child. So yes, he’s awesome musical and the music means a lot to him. So we sincerely hope that this also reaches into you, now that you are hereby are allowed to take part of his first two released songs “The Lake” and “Don’t Wanna Fight Anymore”.


 The Lake – Alexander Engström

Don`t wanna fight anymore-Alexander Engström

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