Amber Oak

Amber Oak is a Swedish band from the Northern city of Skellefteå, which was formed in 2008 by Erik Ekersund, Joseph Dahlberg and Albin Marklund.

They formed the band in the late autumn when the leaves on the threes started to go red-ish, and since they came up with their first song “Turn of Seasons” under an red-leaved oak tree, the name Amber Oak fitted perfectly.

The band was then a more Folk/Pop-based band, and was looking for a “smoother” vocalist than the upcoming Jonathan Eriksson. Although after disputes, bad-mouthing and a negative attitude towards eachother, the band decided to go for Jonathans vocals. They then changed directions towards a more harsh pop/rock-sound and needed a cool bassist. Tryouts were held until they decided to go for Alexander “Alec” Hofverberg, a long time friend and a man who’s insanely good to learn new stuff. He had never really player the bass-guitar nor was he that much of a guitar-player. However, they found out that he was a really good choice not so long after that.

The band began its journey with the release of their five-piece EP “Your Missing Piece” on A West Side Fabrication 2009, an EP from where the song “Audrey” first appeared. A song that a little later was re-released in a new version (radio edit) and then was played on various Swedish radio stations.

2011 the band released their debut album “Illt” which received good reviews in Swedish media. They also released the single “Words” in the same year that was heavily rotated on various Swedish radio stations.

“Illt” was an album filled with mixed emotions and a lot of bitterness, a sort of way to expose theirselves, various happenings and their ways of life. Everyone in the band has somekind of input on either the music or lyrics on “Illt”.This was also the year when guitarist Albin Marklund decided to leave the band.

In 2013 the band joined forces once again and recorded their second five-piece EP, an EP called “Ambivalence”. It received mixed criticism, including some truly great words from US, however it was kind of left in the shade. “Ambivalence” was sort of a flirt with “Your Missing Piece”, a try to get back to their more lo-fi pop-like roots that was more or less left out from “Illt”. And to be honest, the opening track on “Ambivalence”, “Ol Pa´(Work All Night)” could be said as one of their most popular songs, together with “Turn of Seasons” and “Words”.




WeCD 268 “Your missing piece”

WeCD 273 “Audrey (radio version)

WeCD 287 “Words”

WeCD 288 “Illt”

WeCD 331 “Ambivalence”

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