The story of Breather
During the Corona-pandemic, Breather, after spending a lot of years apart, finally joined together again, releasing new songs and producing music together.
First out, was the song and music video ”America”, which received some really great feedback, second up was ”Still So Blind” (released May 2021), which also was accompanied by a video.
Alongside with presenting, and preparing for, new songs, the label (us) has made all their earlier releases available on all digital plattforms.
Breather, a hard working band from the the very beginning, took a long (an understatement) break after a couple of strong and well-received releases back in 2000´s.
The connection between American rock band such as Foo Fighters, QOTSA etc is natural, and in Sweden Breather is, and always have been, nr. 1 in what they’re doing.
Though the band received great reviews, both domestic and abroad, and with quite a substantial fanbase – due to constant touring, the band, after years of hard work, fell into a long hibernation.
Band members started touring with other artists, working in studios, but apart from each other.
Seeking that special band-chemistry that often only occurs once in a lifetime – during lock-down, small seeds of the idea of getting together again, slowly started to grow.
The band has always known that they have unfinished business to complete together, and and to the delight of many listeners and fans, we can now say that the band is no longer in hibernation.
They have started to wake up. Lets see where they will take it from here…
Their first real gig was as opening act for Deep Purple. Though the band since then has been considered a “hardrockin´ band” their first two singles revealed a more poporiented group with a great sense of melodies. The connection between American rock band such as Foo Fighters, QOTSA etc. is natural, and in Sweden, Breather is nr. 1 in what their doing.
The album “One In A Million” released in April 2001 shows a grown-up popband with a rock´n roll attitude and twelve great songs. “Everybody can love Breather!” and “Let Breather spread their energypacked popgospel!” was some of the words from excited critics.
During their active period, the band was hard at work – both in the studio and on stage. The band was nominated by the P3 – Swedish National Radio as “best unsigned band” in both –98 and –99.
During this time the band toured frequently, with appearances at both music festivals and various rock clubs. An A&R at BMG Publishing realised the potential of the band, and Breather signed their first contract in November of -98. Now followed several hard months of writing, live performances, and studio recordings with producer Kjell Nästén at Rumble Road Studio in Skellefteå.
Spring of 2000 Breather signed with “A West Side Fabrication” (Sahara Hotnights, The Wannadies, This Perfect Day, Fireside etc.), and the bands first singles “Things I Do” and “Wish” was both was picked up by Swedish National Radio with high rotation.
Their musicvideo “Letting You Know” was frequently aired on MTV, produced by their good friend and Oscarnominated filmproducer Patrik Eklund (Framestation) who also produced their third video “Graceland” – from the six track EP –  “A/B – Long Time No Sound”.
Finally we would like to mention that Breather also recorded a really appreciated version of the Beatles “Come Together”, for a cover album, released in 2010. After that, silence, until now.
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