Daniel Wilén

Daniel is a genre agnostic multi instrumentalist that has lived and breathed music since he learned to operate his father’s old tape machine at the age of two. Back then The Beatles amazed him the most. Now, over 40 years later, they’re still his greatest musical inspiration although everything from Michael Jackson to System of a Down and Vulfpeck has a certain place in his musical heart. Daniel joined his first band as a drummer at the age of 6 and kept banging the drums until he and a couple of friends started the punk rock band Sofistikerat Svammel during the Swedish second punk wave in the early nighties. In 2002 he formed the nu metal-band Calm Chaos which released an EP and two albums and toured Europe as the opening act for Clawfinger, which just happened to be one of his biggest teen heroes.

As he started forming a family, Daniel left performing and the pursuit for a career in music behind him, although he kept on writing, singing and playing. A couple of years ago when his oldest daughter started writing songs as well, the lifelong dream of a studio of his own was realized (partly thanks to the pandemic). Setting up a professional home studio led to a couple of releases with his daughter Penny and multi platinum Swedish producer Andreas Ahlenius, who also played an integral role in Daniel’s development as a producer.  

At the age of 46 he has finally decided that it’s time for his solo debut and has left nothing undone. Daniel write, produce, perform, record and mix by himself and is really opening his heart and soul in his songs. – I want to share the music inside me, but also the questions, love, doubt, frustration and all other feelings I carry around. Unspoken thoughts that have found a way out through my music for as long as I’ve lived, Daniel says.     

For contact: neuser@icloud.com