Malin Hässlemark


A Nordic Voice in the Heart of Americana

In the soulful expanse of Stockholm, Sweden, a singer-songwriter with a Nordic heart and a country soul, Malin Hässlemark, emerges as a luminary. Before stepping into her solo project, Malin was the creative force behind the Americana band Fluru, a musical journey that traversed borders and won hearts across Germany, the Netherlands, and her native Sweden. With Fluru, Malin not only fronted the band but also crafted many of the songs that became the soundtrack to the wanderings of many. 

In the northern parts of Sweden, in a small town called Hammarstrand, nestled amidst towering mountains, Malin’s musical journey began in the heart of her family home – surrounded by the timeless tunes of legends like Waylon Jennings and Emmylou Harris.  Growing up in a household where her father’s cherished country record collection played a central role, Malin’s love for the genre was cultivated at an early age. This familial connection to the genre has become the cornerstone of Malin’s artistic vision, reflected in her rich, evocative vocals and impeccable songwriting. 

The debut EP ”Wildfire”, a four-song testament to Malin’s musical prowess, was expertly produced by Ola Gustafsson, a distinguished guitarist and producer recognized for his work with Swedish artists like Lars Winnerbäck and Melissa Horn. Ola’s instrumental mastery extends to guitars, pedal steel, mandolin, and bass, sculpting a soundscape that seamlessly marries Nordic sensibilities with the soulful resonance of country.

The collaboration extends to jazz and soul singer Ida Sand, who not only arranges backing vocals on ”One Of These Days” and ”Dancing In The Rain” but also lends her captivating voice alongside Ola. Adding a personal touch, Malin’s husband, Claes Hässlemark, graces the keys and also contributes backing vocals on ”Wildfire” and ”This Heart Of Mine”, creating a harmonious synergy that reflects their enduring partnership both in life and music.The rhythmic foundation is laid by drummer Andreas Dahlbäck. A gathering of seasoned professionals, this ensemble embarked on a collective mission to create an EP that resonates with authenticity and passion.

Described as possessing a world-class voice, Malin Hässlemark’s vocal stylings evoke a delicate strength, often drawing comparisons to iconic voices like Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt. Her songs, a marriage of poignant lyricism and timeless melodies, transport listeners to the bygone era of classic American country, while maintaining a contemporary resonance.

Beyond her artistry, Malin brings a wealth of musical education and vocal coaching expertise to the table. This background enriches her work, though she humbly refrains from boasting about her academic accomplishments. In an industry where artistry often eclipses academia, Malin embraces the organic, letting her passion for music guide her journey.

Malin Hässlemark’s debut EP is not merely an introduction to her solo career; it is a declaration of the harmonious intersection between her Swedish roots and the soul-stirring sounds of Americana. As she invites listeners into the heart of her music, Malin emerges as a Nordic voice echoing the timeless resonance of country traditions, proving that great music knows no geographical boundaries.