This Skelleftea Quintet has been around for years, but it all kicked off when Saga (the singer) joined the band in early 1998. It was during that time they realized they have to start to write their own material, which they certainly did. And as a result of that they got offered a spot at a quite famous music festival in their hometown, Trästockfestivalen. Later that same year they won a music contest where the price were to record what later become their debut ep “Mobile Minds”. But things have moved on since then. Members has gone and been replaced by new once. But since the day when their so far only album “Bon” was released Darcy have had the same line up. From that same album several songs got play listed on national and international radio, as well as their videos were broadcasted on MTV, ZTV etc. Back then, when their album were released, Darcy also toured Sweden from Lund to Haparanda (from the very south to the very north) and played on numerous stages, some small, some big, always successful. Nowdays the band seldom gives concerts, but they do return, from time to time, to the stage were it all started, the very loved Trästockfestivalen. Darcy is currently working with new material but in a different way, no outside producer or engineer is allowed to interrupt the work of what is becoming the second full length album. A taste from it is the new single Worried Girl. Members: Saga Eserstam – Vocals Hans Ericsson – Guitar Nils Agnarsson – Guitar, piano Rikard Larsson – Bass Stefan Gellin – Drums

Contact: saga1975@hotmail.com

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