David Josephson

Born in Stockholm but Berlin resident since some years now, songwriter David Josephson just finished the recording of his second solo album “Drömmaskinen”. The debut album “Farväl tristesse” was released in 2011 on the label Viskningar och Vrål and was a folky and rather mellow affair which gathered good reviews in Swedish press and with the songs “Femte akt” and “Nelly Sachs Park” being aired on Swedish national radio (SR). This time around Josephson has a more extrovert sound and the immediate melodies always recognised in his songs have gotten even more refined, making way for some shiny pop-tunes. The record was produced by seasoned musician/producer Josef Zackrisson who brought a fresh and open mindset towards the songs, which gave each composition its own special identity.

Like before, these new songs of David Josephson are written with a major focus on the lyrics, which often are pensive – and with a slight touch of anxiety – but not without humour and always with a verbal playfulness.

“Drömmaskinen” is also the name of the first single from the upcoming album – an upbeat song with catchy hooks dealing with the defeats that inevitably comes when struggling for beauty and fulfillment.




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