Mikael Jinneskog

Mikael Jinneskog, has a history with songs for various Örebro projects: Stairs, Höga Berget and songs for sports (ÖHK and ÖSK). Timo will be his debut under his own name. As a child, he mostly listened to Guns N’ Roses before discovering the Beatles at the age of fourteen. “I started singing the same day I felt a hint of the puberty voice change – ran home to the piano and sang in Strawberry fields forever on cassette player”.
And let's be completely honest, his solo songs are much closer to The Beatles (without being so similar) than Guns N' Roses.
From having barely written anything in recent years, he got the inspiration after a live concert with Höga Berget. During the following week he wrote no less than five songs. One of these was Timo.
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Mikael Jinneskog

WeCD 408 / MP3 / 2021
I Väntan På April
Mikael Jinneskog

WeCD 415 / MP3 / 2021
Du är din
Mikael Jinneskog

WeCD 421 / CD / 2021