Det fanns ett ljus (som aldrig släcks ut)

“Det fanns ett ljus (som aldrig släcks ut)”, in english, “There was a light (which never goes out)”, by Rickard and the Juvelerna, is both a low-key and powerful song at the same time. A broken soul on a wobbly road. However, it is not a Christmas song, in the sense of Christmas songs, although the title may suggest something different and the calander shows mid-December. No, this song is more in the Gothenburg alternative indie style. Or as they themselves put it all:
“There was a light (which never goes out)” – a soundtrack to a nostalgic flashback of half a life, with an imaginary cig in the corner of his mouth and a tear that never really penetrates, but lies there and lurks.

Rickard & the Juvelerna tells a new story that takes us through dreams and hopes. A story that there are things backwards that give an echo forward and give us hope for a better time, for everyone.