Sara Yasmine

From the quiet forests of Dalarna, with roots from Iran, derives swedish singer-songwriter Sara Yasmine. Her voice, often compared with names like Katie Melua and Laleh Pourkarim, is what puts character in her music, together with an intimate and honest expression of both tunes and lyrics.

After a fortunate musical session with producer Anders Lagerfors in Gothenburg, 2011, Sara stuffed a truck and brought her visions about music and life to the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg. Since then, a lot has happened. 

Starting in english, in april 2012, the “Sara Yasmine EP” was released and embraced by her listeners, including songs like “Take Me Home” and the touching melancholic uptempo-song “Snow Lesson”. During the same period, her single “Life Doesn’t Work That Way” was released at the record company “100 SONGS”, founded by well known names in swedish music industry; Ben Malén, Ola Håkansson & Klas Lunding. Shortly, EP “Vol.2” came in september 2012, and Sara proved to her listeners that she was here to stay.

A simmering desire for expression in her native language led Sara early 2013 to record her first song in swedish, “Jag Brinner”. Because it was so well received by listeners, iranian media profiles, by editors at the blog SVT PSL and noticed by the newspaper QX, Sara decided to continue exploring her musical force of singing in swedish.

From this derives the upcoming single, “Glashus”.

”Glashus”, written by Sara Tahmirpour (Sara Yasmine), produced by Anders Lagerfors, is a stringbased, intimate story about the vulnerability that can be revealed in the close meeting between two people. It’s a story about longing and lust, but also about the fear of being near. The song treats the small and the big in life, the everyday and the existential, and takes the listener on a journey whose echo will ring long after the last notes has faded out.



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