The No Truster

The No Truster is an electronic rock group from Gotland/Stockholm. The core of the band (as well as the founders) is Johannes Hallbom and Emil Stenström, two friends and long time music-partners. But whenever it’s time for The No Truster to play live, they do include a few other members to get the best out of their music. And talking about live performances we have to mention that The No Truster’s first gig ever took place at the biggest music festival in Sweden, Peace & Love, summer 2012. And since then The No Truster’s music has started to spread like a virus into the hearts of the swedish public. This is music that deals with lies, infidelity, jealousy, obsession and eternal love. Are you a No Truster?




The No Truster

WeCD 330 / MP3 / 2012
The No Truster

WeCD 333 / MP3 / 2013