Burn Again

The second single from Joel Nunez. Joel who all of a sudden took his pick and pack and moved across the sea, and ended up in the northern city Skellefteå. Well here he hooked up with different kind of people and all of a sudden he was in a recordning studio. The result is, among other songs, this cool summer song called “Burn Again”. Certainly hope you like it.

The song itself is a mix between Rock/Reggae/Ska-punk, a style that Joel remembered from his High School days when he played more drums than guitar… It was an intense but small period in my life, still certain elements remained, explains Joel. I absolutely love this genre, and this is the third song I have written in this style. It reminds me of that song from No Doubt, “UNDERNEATH IT ALL” and ”RUDE” from Magic. But I DID NOT use these songs as an inspiration, the inspiration comes from the groove. This slow sexy beat is seductive and the skunk guitar gave way to the lyrics. I thought about the girls in the club that come up to me dancing my way and acting very suggestive. I tell them that I can’t make them feel the way my music does, but I would be lying, so i wrote it in a song, says Joel.

The process of this song started when Joel recorded a full version on Garageband in his computer. There he was able to focus on the guitar parts, and the harmonies, which took the chorus to another level. Joel also think he was lucky going into the real studio with no producer, it was just him and the engineer Fred. But let us also explain that Fred’s work was very helpful, he saw things that Joel didn’t see. He also suggested re-arranging some parts and it completely worked. At last, so that no misunderstandings appear, Joel played and sang everything except the drums. It took him two days to record the song and one day to mix it.

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