Close to You

Barely two months after his first release, a release which attracted a lot of attention, indeed, we would like to welcome the sequel in form of the truly beautiful and calm ”Close to You”.
Moreover, it is easy to forget, repress, that Alexander is something as unusual as a 15-year-old (going in grade eight) who gets the media calling him instead of the other way around. And certainly it can feel a little strange / unreal that such a young guy can write this kind of songs that he write, but it’s just picking up the hat and celebrate his ability and hope that it can be gilded even more in the future.
Anyway, after the success of his two track-single “The Lake” and the performances at the Breaking News (Filip and Fredrik) twice, Malou after 10 (TV4), Around the country (SVT) and various interviews in newspapers and magazines, we sincerely hope that the new “Close to You” will be appreciated as well.

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