Ekande Farväl

There is a red line between all three tracks on the new Hillevi release. And the red line is hope.

Hope of tomorrow, hope for change, hope for simplicity and hope of self-perception

“Ekande Farväl” is the first track and is originally an old text that was written in a gloomy existence. Now with a few years on the back they picked it up once again, now with new eyes and new self-esteem. It’s a quite dark song about being left behind and not believe in yourself. With happy melodies and with hope of tomorrow, it’s song of revenge.

“Hjärtats Håll” (Heart Distance), the second song, nearly speaks for it self within the title. No need to search for love and happiness when you most of the time find it right before your eyes. Be happy for what you got instead of be sad for what you don’t got. With other words hope for a change.

“Abstrakt Fantasi” is like punching yourself in the face. You’re talking about not having biases of other people and that you always knows the best and how everything should be. Soul-searching is needed in most of the cases and you should realize that you don’t always is unbiased, even if you wish. Hope for self-perception.

 So welcome to three new songs from Hillevi, a band that mixes rock/pop with punk attitude and half an ounce of traditional swedish progg.

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