Ådalsbandet is a seven-person strong ensemble put together to carry out a huge project, to draw attention to the historical event that goes by the name Ådalen 31. Thus, all songs on the album “Eldupphör” have lyrics that have something to tell about this tragic event where five people lost their lives almost exactly 91 years ago, on May 14, 1931.
Ådalsbandet’s engine is the two childhood friends (who played together for the first time when they were only 13-14 years old, Guns & Roses covers) Lars Bodén and Tony “Naima” Öberg. And even though they have lived 800 km apart for a long time, they have kept in touch throughout their lives. That the two childhood friends would do something together again was not a matter of course. But one day they decided to do it and in the same vein, Tony moved to Ådalen and became interested in the historical wing battles that have taken place there. They talked to each other and thought it was strange that even though they are both from this area, they know so little, so here and there a seed was born that maybe we should take on this, to write music and lyrics that are worth conveyed in more than one way.
Thus, Tony and Lars are behind all the lyrics and music.

Musically, one could say that “Eldupphör” is magnificent Swedish rock with both heart and brain.
Or as the composers themselves put it all:

“We have realized that this is an event that is talked about a bit and especially young people have little knowledge and relationship to. Although it is an important milestone in our journey to become the Sweden we are today. The events in Ådalen were and still are very emotionally loaded. We are grateful for the response and interest that the music performance has given out in the country. We now look forward to people being able to take part in the music, at home or in the car.”