“Eldupphör (Ceasefire)” is the story of when Tore Andersson blew ceasefire at the tragic Swedish historical event that goes under the name Ådalen 31. “Eldupphör” is also the foretaste of the album with the same name, an album that is schedule for a release on the 20th April.

Behind both the single and the album you’ll find a seven member strong line-up that goes under the name Ådalsbandet.

And yes, you can definately say that “Eldupphör” is genuine Swedish rock with both heart and brain, all written by the two native Ångermanlänningarna Lars Bodén and Tony Öberg.
Or as the composers themselves express it all:

“We have realized that this is an event that you speak very little about and above all young people have little knowledge and relation to. Although it is, an important milestone in our historical journey to becoming the Sweden we are today. The events here in Ådalalen were and are still very loaded. We are indeed grateful for the response and interest that our music performances has received through out the country. We are now looking forward to people being able to enjoy the music in their homes or in the car.”