This is Daniel Wilén’s solo debut as a songwriter and artist under his own name. He has previously played in a lot of more or less hard bands, metal etc., as well as written music for others. However, this is not a matter of hard music, no, it is instead a matter of strong, quiet, doom and soulful piano-based pop music. With a lot of heart and pain.

Daniel Wilén is also equal to a creative dude with many irons in the fire. Has made music off and on all his life and as I said now for the first time under his own name. Also lives in Byske, outside Skellefteå, Northern Sweden. When he is not busy with music, he spends a lot of time mainly in the gaming industry.

But as he himself says;

  • Being able to keep up with music is an important outlet for me. To get an outlet for creativity, to be able to let the brain let go of the must and to be able to process questions and thoughts I carry.