How You Always Seem to Find Me

This is the first single taken from Stolen Deer’s forthcoming debut album, an album which is a result of half a decade in pain, at least that’s what the they (the band) say. Which indeed seems strange enough to me, since the four lads is no older than twenty and life should be at its peak. But perhaps its how it is, perhaps its because this band take them selfs so damn serious and leaves nothing by mere chance. They are of course a uncompromising and stubborn band and we have to leave it that way.

Regarding the forthcoming album Stolen Deer like to describe it this way; “The album is like snow shine in your eyes. An evaluating, engaged and eager struggle to get to the top of all the mountains you’ve ever come across.”

Nevertheless this first single; “How You Always Seem To Find Me”, is a 90s inspired pop song that deals with heartache and dreams of a time that has passed. The song is recorded by Henrik Wiklund and mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg from The Cult Of Luna. Magnus who has also a history of working with class acts like Deportees, Totalt Jävla Mörker and Perishers.

So if you like this one, please come back in a couple of weeks, since it’s then the album will be out.

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