I can´t wait to break your heart

WE ARE SHE is now releasing their new and second single “I can´t wait to break your heart” and what a single it is. This two-tracker is for all of you who likes the sounds from the early eighties, up-lifted to 2011.

From my point of view its a hit. It got the right pulse, the disco-swing and the harmonies you wished all your releases had. Besides the disco-orientated main track, this single also contain a more mature pop song called “Hold me down”.

Regarding the lyrics; “I Can’t Wait To Break Your Heart” is about the difficulty in having a relationship when you’re determined to always mess things up for yourself. “Hold Me Down” on the other hand is the anxiety personified but performed in a happy pop-sound.

In other words, the lyrics is quite dark and sad, but the sound itself is uplifting and great. Beautiful if you ask me.

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