I Love The Sound Of You Talking Me Out Of Trouble

n the ashes of people and places that have influenced them in the past, we now hear The Rains recreate all the emotions in their “I Love The Sound Of You Talking Me Out Of Trouble”. The album has a bolder approach in which the lyrics are in focus and the music is slowly waiting to explode. With the autumn approaching, the bittersweet truth emerges in songs like “I Wish That Everyone Was Wrong” and “Relationships Of Rust And Hope”.

The Rains have indeed a quite new history, but they have been around for a while and made some fuzz in and around their nearest area, Falkenberg and the Swedish West coast. The music itself has evolved greatly, with its hints of muted synths waiting to break out behind the gentle guitar loops. It sounds grandiose, with its exciting contrasts and color-rich shades that leave few senses untouched. This is an album that not only to demonstrate the expressive lyricism The Rains possess, but also how warm tones may appear out of something before so regretful. The music may, in its most remarkable simplicity be described as atmospheric, nuanced and very well thought out. They are without no doubts, a band that take their course exceedingly seriously.


This is also the album where The Rains once and for all come to terms with the past and the emotions that have long been preserved. Now set free for your sake and for them to be erased.


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