If We Try

Let us proudly present to you our first release from Miami raised – JOEL NÚÑEZ. Joel, who has been performing non-stop since December 2012, has travelled around the globe and ended up in the northern city Skellefteå.

Here he started to collaborate with all kinds of people he hooked up with. Now, around ten months later, after performing live both here and there as well as working with kids and their musical skills, has he now recorded a couple of tracks of which this one is the first one to be released. It’s a beautiful pop/rock song called ”If We Try”.

The song itself is about a girl Joel met while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. She was, of course, beautiful with big green eyes. In fact she was on the verge of moving to Miami with him, but he ended up falling in love with somebody else… Sweden. So he had to make a decision between going back to Miami or take his chances here in Sweden. And as you probably understand by now, he decided to take his chances here in Sweden, with new friends and for the love of music.

Last thing he heard from her was when they got into an argument on Skype and she hung up on him. Unfriended him on Facebook and lost contact. Instead he wrote this song about her, because he still remembers everything they went through…

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