Johan Airijoki, guitarist and song writer of the celebrated indefolk band Väärt, has together with fellow Nils Rinnefeldt, Dj, miner, and producer behind the club concept Sound of Gällivre, created some kind of soulful elektro-pop in their own way at their own studio, located in Gällivare Lappland. The band is called Tusenbröder and their debut album “Tribaler” is scheduled to be released in mid September.

In other words, this is the first single ever from Tusenbröder, a single called “Inlandet. “Inlandet” is indeed a love song with the northern taiga as a backdrop. With a minimalistic and naive sound Tusenbröder meets the the listeners where the soundscape of the eighties coverages with a local Swedish lapplandish expressions.



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