With sickness he watched the rightwing’s success in the Swedish election, 2010. This marked the broken state not only Sweden, but Europe suddenly was in. In the streets of Malmoe, The Culture In Memoriam’s beloved Malmoe as well as his residence, immigrants were shot to death unprovoced and all good forces in the society mobilised themselves against this violence.


This was the inspiration for the new single “Jimmie” by The Culture In Memoriam (TCIM). A song for change, a dance in rage, a strike for the right thing to do!


And as TCIM say; It’s time for pop music to take a stand, resistance never sounded this catchy!


And for all of you who don’t know. This spring TCIM will spread their message of a more humanity world as the will be touring Germany with start the 17th of May in Berlin and end up some sixteens days later, the first of June in Leipzig.


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