This is Penniless;

“Rock band playing pop songs with an ironic tick in the left eye wealthy in tonnage, with melodies that etched your brain unforgettably followed by shocked neurons seeking an injuction against them”/ Metal Hamme

“Their own mangle of quirky pop and twisted guitars is genuinely enjoyable…”/Kerrang!

“Tight and humorous and subtly stange. Impish but evil. Straightforward but mocking.”/Pop matters


– “The quintet and there guitar influenced powerpop sounds as urbane as melodious” – Wilhelm Askebring, Barometern.

– “Penniless plays guitar based rock that doesn’t really tell you that it’s created in the deep forests of Finland.” – Frida Färlin, Arbeterbladet.

– “A self secure title by a band with a couple of awesome albums in there hand luggage.” – Tommy Pohjola, Hufvudstadsbladet.

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