Missing Piece

High Hope is equal to Emma Stenberg’s musical alter ego representing a fresh start. With one foot in country music and the other in the singer songwriter genre, High Hope speaks a simple and heartfelt language. With this new release, High Hope delivers atmospheric pop/rock without losing Emma’s connection to the simple and straightforward. It is music that takes hold and touches. It’s about missing and being suddenly left without, a feeling of emptiness. Or as she explains:- “Missing Piece” describes the insight/acceptance of letting go and moving on in life.
Emma’s musical adventure began at open mic nights in New York in 2002. After returning home to Skellefte√• 2 years later, the adventure continued and after she found her musical soulmate Johnny, the music took off. New songs were added, some were played extensively on the radio and Emma & Johnny got the chance to play live on Hultfred’s Rookie Stage and compete in the Country SM, among other things.
Together with the producer and musician Johnny, they have made this fantastically beautiful melody.
Hope you want to listen, hope you want to give it some attention.