Morning light

Now is the day when we release Little Red Snapper´s beautiful pop, melodic alt country, album “Morning light”. An album that for someone might sound a little like an angrier version of The Jayhawks or perhaps like a warmer Death Cab For Cutie or like a more orchestrated version of The Shins. Anyway, it´s an album full filled with piano, key boards, brass etc.etc. Among the guest musicians we can name the famous Norwegian Pedal Steel player Geir Sundstöl and The Swedish indie icon Andreas Mattsson. By the way, talking about indie icons, “Morning light” is very well produced by Jari Haapalainen (Ed Harcourt, Camera Obscura, Moneybrother, The Bear Quartet ect. etc.). So please, don´t miss this album, I promise it´s worth giving an ear or two.

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