My Imaginary Friends

Our dear Finish friends, Penniless, are once again back with some great music. A new album “Rows of Houses” are under construction with a release sat for after summer. Until then you have to keep up with this fresh new single “My Imaginary Friends”. And for all of you who are familiar with Pennilss you will definitely recognize the sound, the typical Penniless sound, where the hard combines with the soft in their own personally way. But in the same time I need to explain to each and everyone that they might be even more dynamic this time around. Or as they selfs says, “This may be the most complex record of ours so far. This album is made of slowed down sadness, speeded up aggression, hopelessness, hopefulness, daydreams, bad dreams, flowers, blood, humor, tears, laughter, friendship, love, fears and joy.”

At last, Penniless are the three Naakila brothers Alisaari (Ossi, Lasse and Pekka) together with Mikko Pere and Kimmo Kurittu.

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