Nu faller jag igen

Tjalle & Anders are brothers and are actually named Lars and Anders Lidgren. They have been playing together since very young years in different constellations. First with the father who needed comp to his accordion, then through different bands where Mindre Modiga Män should be mentioned, to perform as a trubadur duo in a hook environment with all that means, now launching Tjalle & Anders med flera.

But to get a wider soundtrack, with violin, mandolin, choir song, etc., they have invited a plethora of different musicians who belong to other bands at home. It in itself contributes to a dynamic people / country feeling. The recording is: Lars Lidgren (song and guitar), Anders Lidgren (bass), Urban Berggren (violin), Micke Almqvist (mandolin and choir) and Anneli Blom (choir). In addition, Fredrik Marklund (Dobro and Banjo) and Markus Nyström (drums) play.

The song “Now I Fall Again” is mainly written by Magnus Löfstedt who was singers and songwriters in Mindre Modiga Män. Magnus was very ill in cancer when he wanted to help Tjalle in summer 2016 to write a Swedish text to an outdated demo. When Tjalle wrote a reflection and part of the text, Magnus was inspired and wrote most of the text to the verses himself. Time went out fast and in October 2016, Magnus died, only days after Tjalle and Anders started recording two other songs as Magnus made. The songs were done in sorrow and were expressed as less courageous men with EP bitter and childish. The hidden demon with the Swedish text ended up in the chest of drawers. The song was picked up, and Tjalle made it clear when Tjalle & Anders and others had gigs in the winter of 2018. Without Magnus, there are no less courageous men, but the music is left. And it is with pride that we can present this new song about love, friendship and panic attacks.

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