Nu som då

This is the second EP (the first physical) from Umeå based Popterrer. A band that were, as a fact, established due to a bunch of friends started up a pop-blog that later become a club and now is this truly awesome alternative pop-band. Some of the members, they are six in the band, has known each other since kindergarten, so I heard, and five of them come from the same city (Östersund). Although they haven´t been around for such a long time (their debut EP “Allt vi gjort har du glömt” were released mid September 2010) they have already won two contests, which took them to the biggest festival in Sweden and soon to a recording studio in London UK. They have also been highly praised by some very well know Swedish critics as well as by well known musicians. And indeed, they are worth it, every single word. Great people, good songs, fantastic attitude, that´s Popterror, a band to be loved, a loving band.

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