This is Oh My!’s physical debut, a three track vinyl single. But all of you, who already are familiar with Oh My!, will notice that two of these three songs have previously been released as digital tracks. Talking about the two indie-radio favorites “I Know You” and “Time Will Tell”. The later one of these two did for instance extremely well on Swedish National radio P3, were it was play-listed for at least four months. “Time Will Tell” worked of course great on other stations and in other media as well. And if that’s not all, the band, indeed, has been named as one of the brightest up-coming stars on the Swedish indie scene by more than one paper. But it won’t stop there, since they (the band together with their producer Ronald Bood) just recently have chosen which songs will be recorded for their debut-album, an album that will be released after this summer. The recording it self will start in just a couple of days, so if everything goes well we’ll give you a new song this spring. Before that you’ll have to keep it up with this fantastic single as well as their super-song, on the radio spinning, “Fifteen Minutes”.

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