Part of me

Now it is time for Alexander Engström to release something new again, this time it will come in form of a four-track EP that listens to the title ”Part of me”. Four amazing songs with relatively different shades. Everything from the popy and compelling “I could never imagine” to the calm and beautiful “Goodbye”.
Or as Alexander himself expresses it all: “It’s great to finally let this EP down after long and hard work. The idea is that the EP will show more sides of me. It has happened so much in my life since I released my first song and it has been a rollercoaster, but I’m so grateful for where I stand today and for the trip I’ve had to do. This music is part of me. “
By the way, Alexander is about to perform at the Visavägen galan, Vasateatern on November the19th, a gala where acts like Miriam Bryant and Niklas Strömstedt has performed earlier years. Or for that part where such as Petter Stordalen has lectured.

Furthermore, it may also be noted that Alexander started high school (music course) in the autumn and that he thrives like the fish in the water.
In addition to all this, he has also been writing the music to a song which was performed in London (Union Theater) a couple of weeks ago.


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