Pajala Truck Co makes music that tell beautiful stories from there neighborhood, and this has made them slowly winning over more and more music hearts in Scandinavia, and even in the United States. They now continue on this well planned path.

Their new song is called Pluto, and is in all aspects about the deepest love between two friends raised on the total periphery. Far away from the real world, far from the first neon-lite nightclubs and an eternity away from romantic walks in cities of vibrant life.

The song is about two girls who together met their first years as very young adults in a small village, Kitkiöjärvi, in northern Pajala in the early1950s. After the midnight sun illuminated at night they lay in the grass out at the lake shore fantasizing about what life is like in other places, about how beautiful boys and men woo them and about the adventures that must await them when they become adults and take on this distant world.

Above all, Pluto is about looking back, about longing back.

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