Rest In Pieces

The Culture In Memoriam, with chef of command Victor Håkansson, is back with its third album, the seven track “Rest In Pieces “. This time the sound of the Beach Boys can be clearly sensed in the kettle-drums, choral and string arrangements, tastefully seasoned and destroyed by faulty distortion. Clever melodies and pompous arrangements with Victor’s fragile vocals mixed with diehard political messages make TCIM unique in an otherwise dull and streamlined pop culture. And by the way, the first beautiful single, “Sisters”, from the album, made it quite well. For instance did Swedish national radio P3 put it on their playlist and it also received some truly wonderful words from the press. “Rest in pieces” will also be released in Germany by Stargazer/Cargo records.

Under the name The Culture in Memoriam has Victor Håkansson found his own way and dare to believe in his heartfelt rancid, but enchantingly vulnerable voice when he preaches texts with meaning to the music that appeals and concerns

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