Scarlet Skyline

Pajala Truck Co is now releasing their fourth single.


“Burn down the whole thing and let the sky turn red by the city in flames. What is lost will never return. There is a beautiful destructive force in a broken heart and that we want to portray”, declare the band.

And as said, this is Pajala Truck Co’s fourth single and leads to the release of their debut album. This single is the culmination of all the singles released from their debut album, which little by little have conquered more and more indie hearts in Sweden, Finland, the rest of Scandinavia and perhaps mostly the United States.

And just to make it clear, with this single Pajala Truck Co continues with their mission to release blackened danceable pop from the forests of Torne valley.


“When we wrote this song, we knew that it was perhaps the smartest song we had ever written and since the recording session in Haparanda, one August night, we have longed until we release of this song”.

In other words, now were here, the song will be out for one and everyone, in a world of unemployment, xenophobia and fear, it has never seemed so relevant.


“We want to try to capture our present time in the same way as Joy division once captures their”, says the band.


And we say, now it’s time for Scarlet Skyline!

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