Shaking to the Bone

‘Twas in the town of Jacksboro, in the year of ’33, when a man by the name of Cradle came steppin’ up to me. He said ‘how do you do young fella n’ how would you like to go spend the summer pleasant on the range of the buffalo?’.

Ah, sorry ’bout that – blame it on the blazin’ wood stove gettin’ my bread done while also takin’ the noon heat into an all-time-high. Anyway, this was s’posed to be ’bout Sentimental Pet & the year is now, the town non-existant & Pet didn’t step up to me, but got me on the phone, sayin’ ‘you up for writin’ notes?’.

At that time I hadn’t yet heard these songs, at least not in their current shape & form, so I asked him what they sounded like – his reply was a rather lame ‘guitar-based, classy rock’. Well, son, that ain’t cuttin’ it & I ain’t usin’ it. Here’s the thing: I’ve known Pet for a very long time, but he’s still quite the enigma & not least so with a guitar in hand. His songs ain’t revealing much of this though, as they seem to come straight from the heart & that’s a place where few enigmas ever have resided; instead, please look at them from afar, dwell a bit on that one note hangin’ loose n’ free in the northern sky & see if it’s not gettin’ to you in slight & mysterious ways – only to once again elude you when you thought you knew just what it was all about. See, normally an enigma comes with an answer, but Sentimental Pet is an answer that comes with an enigma & that’s a world of difference, wouldn’t you say?

That’s where the music of Sentimental Pet is comin’ from& he’s now, at long last & along with his merry comrades at the rhythmic end, bringin’ some of this music – guitar-based & classy! – to you, whoever you, are… child of the burnin’ star.

Well, I gotta get back to my bread here, so see ya later folks. Hey Pet – how about sharin’ that story where you claimed to have been climbin’ a mountain, when the truth was that you’d been wakin’ up on top of a chimney? Go, God of the guitar.


B.C. Wolff

(B.C Wolff is a cat caravan, a dreamer of skies & a cowboy of lies – he sings of the unknown & the wisdom of bones)


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