Stand Up (for the Light Parade)

Light Parade was formed by Andreas Lindh and married couple Peter and Louise

Marchione in the beginning of 2010. In their youth, Andreas and Peter had been a part of

the same scene in their hometown of Eskilstuna, but it was not until a random meeting in

a clothing store in central Gothenburg that a real friendship developed. It didn’t take long

for Peter to join Andreas band of that time, LoveIsNotMyOnlyCrime, while at the same

time Peter and Louise where also making synth pop under the name Thermostatic. When

both bands disbanded at roughly the same time, the trio felt that the time was right to

make something of that project that had been the focus of discussion during the long,

hazy party nights at Peter and Louise’s apartment in Gamlestaden.

From the start, the trio had a somewhat vague idea of making minimalistic yet grand

music in the mould of heroes like Suicide, Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody

Valentine. But as soon as recording started, it turned out that a Ramones-like punkiness

as well as a sense of classic pop melodies had joined in alongside the original references.

The result was the “Stand Up (for the Light Parade)” EP*; a retro but yet modern

sounding production with songs of real hit potential as well as a genuine indie feel.

As for the future, the band themselves likes to quote The Ramones; ”Today your love,

tomorrow the world”. What more is there to be said?

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