Stupid Love

Angelica Lindberg, who is a new acquaintance in this format, grew up in a village in the outskirts of Skellefteå. Ever since Angelica learned to talk, she has also sung. But it was at the end of high school that she wrote her first real song, which she attended with in the music competition Artistjakten. A competition where she won the semi final in Skellefteå and came in third place at the final in Stockholm. 
This particular dreamy pop song, “Stupid Love”, is one of many songs Angelica has wrote since then, now that she has turned 19. Music for Angelica is to convey a sense, you will recognize it – anywhere in the texts. Besides Artistjakten she has also performed at various venues in and around Västerbotten. With this release, her first, we hope for an even more recognition.

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