Swing it low

Mount Avalanche first saw daylight in the spring of 2009 as Tim Hukari, the lead singer, separated from his band at the time to make music with the producer and sound engineer Peter Arvidsson. Together they create a colorful sound with great warmth, well-defined guitars and beautiful harmonies.

They first appeared live during a rock festival in Katrineholms town park and have ever since played on a regular basis around Stocholm, Katrineholm and Norrköping.

In november of 2009 Mount Avalanche switched bass guitar-player as Stefan Olsson, under mystical circumstances, joined the band. Stefan who not only work as their bass player, but also their graphic illustrator, designed the cover to the band’s debut EP.

So please step in to the magnificent music of Mount Avalanche, you wont be disappointed, all four tracks are purely wonderful.

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