This is Mikael Jinneskog's debut under his own name. He has previously appeared in various Örebro constellations; Stairs, Höga Berget and written songs for the two most well-known sports clubs in Örebro (ÖHK and ÖSK).
He has been playing music since his early teens. First very interested in Guns N 'Roses later he got really hooked with The Beatles.
But to be completely honest, this debut single, "Timo", has nothing in common with Guns N 'Roses and very little with The Beatles.
However, it is a question of pop (but hardly what in today's situation is usually characterized as pop) with a strong chorus. But in this case also with an odd choice of subject.

After writing very little in recent years, Mikael found the inspiration after a live performance with Höga Berget. Quickly and done, he wrote five new songs, of which "Timo" is one.

Behind production and mix we find none other than Kjell Nästén.