Wasted Time

Mister Foreman’s home base is Luleå, way up north in Sweden. But the Album Wasted Time is recorded in Berlin together with Boris Wilsdorf (who works with Einstürzende Neubauten) in AndereBaustelle Tonstudio.

During the periods of recording, Bob and Henry lived at Leopldplatz in the district of Wedding, and they do now understand just how much those neighborhoods affected the album.

Mister Foreman call their music The Blues. Probably not many others would agree on that. But for Bob & Henry everything started with brutal, electronic Blues. Listen to their first single ”Mr Foreman” (released under the name The Blues) and you will understand.

Wasted Time is an album with songs about sadness, love, alienation and fighting spirit. It’s an album about the lives of Bob and Henry and maybe the rest of us.

It’s The blues.


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