WE ARE SHE, from the deep forest of northern Sweden, have written songs, loads of songs, from 2006 up until these days, and still does of course. Most of their songs have been done in collaboraiton with producer Magnus Pejlert. In other words we thought this might be the right time to summon up part of their material and release it as an album. Said and done, this is WE ARE SHE’s self titled debut album, twelve tracks recorded and produced together with Magnus. Twelve tracks that will put full stop of what’s been done in the past and likewise a question mark of what might happen in the near future.

Anyway, you could easily say that WE ARE SHE has something in common with acts like Blondie, since their music is a nice mix of new wave/disco and indie.

Nevertheless, with strong melodies and hit chores they want to make some kind of an impact and they certainly hope (and wishes) that “WE ARE SHE” will affect the listeners in one way of the other.

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