A little chit chat with Pekka

Caught up with Pekka Alisaari, the guitarist, sometimes even the songwriter as well as singer, of Penniless for a couple of questions, since their new and fantastic album will be out September the 1st.

So what´s the story behind “A Cab to the City”, what can we expect?

– The album is basically a collection of ten stories of people in a city

caught in tricky situations. Mostly these are songs investigating the

things that make us think about life with its sorrows and difficulties in

the past and at present. You can also expect loud guitars and beautiful

melodies, as it is always with us.

Are there any differences or similarities from your previously albums?

– I suppose this is the saddest album of ours. We actually had a theme of

sadness and despair in our mind during the making of this album. The loud

guitars are similar to our previous material. The difference comes from

the lack of humor or irony present on our previous material. The is only

one song (Ou whee) that has some of the ironic elements in it. Otherwise

this is a serious one…

And how can you justify the fact that I (after all I´m the damn record company owner) like the two longest songs from “A Cab to the City” most, which I cant use to radio?

– It’s your problem (after all we are musicians expressing our artistic

freedom ;). Seriously, we are thinking of “raping” these song to make them

fit the lengt expected on radio waves, how ever unfortunate it may be…

Hmm I see, and what about the fact that Penniless has been around for a while now, what drives you to keep on playing live and record music, albums?

– Basically, it is the love for the feeling you get when you create

something new and unheard of. This feeling expands of course to the live

situations at gigs.

And talking about your long history, if you must pick your three personally Penniless favorite songs from your catalogue, which will you pick?

– I hate these favourite lists…

Panic (A Cab to the City)

Flowers and Superpowers (A Cab to the city)

Moving to Jupiter (Joe)

Agree, not regarding the hate of these lists but about the two songs you have chosen from “A Cab tot the city” (the same two songs I talk about here above). Last question, just because I´m very curious myself and it has nothing to do with Penniless; you I have have quite a long history together, so from your own opinion, which is the best act West Side Fabrication have worked with, besides Penniless of course?

– My three favourites:

Tommy 16



Mount Avalance ( I really like their latest EP Swing it Low!)

As you can see I am good at calculations 😉

Yeah I noticed! Anyway thanks a lot mate and good luck with “A Cab to the City”.

– You’re welcome!!

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