Hello again

Long time no see. Well regards to that we haven´t been inactive, if anyone thought so. On the contrary, we are indeed full on with the release of loads of interseting stuff, starting a week from now with a single from a Uppsala band who call themselves We are the Storm, which they sure are. This particular single release (“Galileo”) is a pre-taste from their forthcoming debut-album “To the North-Pole”. The band it selves are a truly great alternative pop/rock band and if you´re in for that, I promise they won´t let you down. A week later will the new and marvelous EP “Nu som då” from Popterror see the light. From that EP have we, or will we, sent “Kanske är allt vi vet åt helvete” to some radio-stations here and there, and if they refuse to play it I´ll be damn mad, no doubt about that. But we won´t stop there, later on this spring new stuff from Jupither, Penniless and another new face in this family will be out for all of you dudes. But more about that later.

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